Story time isn’t just for kids…it should be marketers ultimate goal

Growing up I remember when my mother would rock me to sleep to a bedtime story, I remember when we would visit our grandparents and grandpa would set me on his lap and tell me a good story that always started with, “when I was your age..”, I remember sitting around a campfire making s’mores as dad shared a scary story. Stories have been a part of our life forever, it’s how we learned to read, to write, to communicate. 

One big take-away from Content Marketing World 2011 in Cleveland this week was “storytelling”. Marketers must learn to really research their audience and find out “their” needs and create content that they want, that speaks to them. Marketers must start by telling a really good story.

Read Resetting Corporate Storytelling and learn to become a really good storyteller.

Resetting Corporate Storytelling, posted at Content Marketing University, by Junta42.

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